Header Picture: google images search “fine dining”

Post #2:

Place Setting Picture: google images search “fine dining table setting”

(1) “BMW Acronym”:

(2) Napkin: Joanne Blake and Terry Pithers, Style for Success Seminar, Montreal, May 2011

(3) Fun Fact: Alastair Summerlee. Fine Dining Seminar, January 2011.

Post #3:

(4) Finger Foods: Alastair Summerlee. Fine DIning Seminar, Janurary 2011.

(5) Utensil Foods:

(6) Soup Video:

(7) Asparagus Picture: google images search “asparagus spears”

Post #4:

(7) Center for Chronic Disease Prevention:

(8) De Caterina, et al, 2003:

(9) Denmark Study:

(10) Serotonin:

(11) Wine picture: google images search:

Post #5


Post #6

All information on post from: Beverage Management Notes.  Professor Joe Barth. University of Guelph. Fall 2010

Champagne photo: google search “chanpagne”

Botrytis grape photo: google search “botrytis infected grapes”

Nobel one bottle: google search “noble one dessert wine”

Post #7

all recipes from Food and Drink Holiday 2011

Post #8

all pictures taken by Tayler.

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